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There are two legal requirements for homeschooling in Virginia for a parent/guardian wishing to homeschool under the Home Instruction Statute.

  1. First, at the beginning of each school year, by August 15th, a parent/guardian must file a “Notice of Intent to Provide Home Instruction” (NOI) with the local school division superintendent.
  2. Second, at the end of the year, by August 1st, evidence of the child’s educational progress must be supplied to the superintendent.

Having satisfied those requirements each year, the parent/guardian is free to homeschool in any manner that works best, and at the level and pace appropriate for the child.  Note also that the parent/guardian has the right (without notice to the superintendent) to change materials and/or methods during the term, in an effort to optimize the child’s learning experience.  Homeschoolers in Virginia use a variety of curriculums and approaches, ranging from pre-packaged curriculum and correspondence schools to child-initiated learning or “unschooling.”  Please see the Guide to Homeschooling in Virginia for ideas and examples.

Note:  If the decision to begin home instruction is made after August 15th, the NOI should be delivered to the superintendent as soon as possible, in order to avoid truancy charges. For more information, see Beginning Homeschooling Mid-year.

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