You don’t need too much to get started. You should have an understanding of the homeschool laws in your state, a sense of enthusiasm, and a few good resources. Access to a homeschool support group can also be a big help.

Homeschooling can provide a customized, high-quality education that suits the needs, goals, and interests of your child and family. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states and all sorts of families find homeschooling is a comfortable, enjoyable way to educate their children.

Contrary to stereotypes in the media, homeschoolers are incredibly diverse in educational style and philosophy. They come from all socio-economic levels. Their religious beliefs and political affiliations span a wide spectrum. However, they hold these beliefs in common:

  • Institutions are not the best educational option for many children, and should not be the only available choice.
  • Parents have the right to choose the method of education for each of their children.

Ask five families why they homeschool, and you will get five different replies. Many would choose to homeschool no matter what changes were made in the school system, because they believe the family home provides the best possible learning environment for their growing children.  Others would put their children in school if the school systems would make changes to their liking.  Some families even homeschool one child while another attends school, because different children have different needs.

VaHomeschoolers provides Virginia families with information and support to help them decide if homeschooling will work for their situation.

This comprehensive selection of resources  is available to help guide you on your homeschool journey.